Probiotic Products

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Probiotische Hygieneartikel Fitness

Probiotic Products

Probiotic hygiene products for humans and animals.

In contrast to conventional hygiene products, the HYGIENE PRO products support the development and maintenance of a positive microbiome on the skin and surfaces. A healthy microbiome is the prerequisite for good protection against unwanted external influences and helps to avoid many diseases.

provides a
good microbiome

Natural and
skin friendly


Animal testing - and doping-free


for all
materials suitable


A healthy hygiene for your horse


A healthy hygiene for your dog


A healthy hygiene for your fitness routine

Discover our products in the area of sports, horses and dogs.

HygienePro Horses
HygienePro Dogs

Probiotics - for better well-being and health of humans and animals

Our products made from natural ingredients are a unique combination of good bacteria (probiotics) and good sugars (prebiotics). This technology ensures a healthy, stable microbiome on all surfaces used and also ensures a higher diversity of positive microorganisms.

We are hygiene pro

Probiotic hygiene products for humans and animals.

"Probiotic hygiene works with nature, not against it - that's what fascinates and drives us."

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"After the first week, I really had super good hooves in all three horses and I am very, very convinced that this product contributes preventively and supports natural healing! LOVE IT!” 

- Camilla


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