hygiene in the workplace

Hygiene at work - With probiotics - for better well-being and health

Even without Corona, there are unwanted microorganisms in all offices that can trigger various diseases. Air conditioners often spread dangerous germs that can get into the respiratory tract. We have developed products especially for the office area that ensure a good and healthy microbiome on the surfaces and keep the microorganisms in the air in check. This ensures a good, natural indoor climate without irritating the respiratory tract. We did a small study in a public building, with impressive results.

The background of our actions

Microbiology is a relatively young science and its findings and research results are still in their infancy. High-performance microscopes and gene sequencing machines have made this area more effective and products from microorganisms (e.g. enzymes in detergents) and Bacteria themselves (e.g. in sewage treatment plants) have also been finding their way into industrial products for some time.

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