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Hygiene Pro has set itself the goal of integrating the oldest type of hygiene into modern everyday life. We supply natural and environmentally friendly, as well as high-quality products that offer protection from various influences. For this purpose we use special probiotics, which have been the best remedy against the strongest microbes since time immemorial. We are constantly developing and at the same time want to minimize our ecological footprint.

Alexander Durban

"I am absolutely convinced of the quality and the positive effect of our products."

Founder and CEO

Bernhard Korth

"For me, the concept of probiotic hygiene is much more than just a business!"

Founder and CEO

The background of our actions

Microbiology is a relatively young science and its findings and research results are still in their infancy. High-performance microscopes and gene sequencing machines have made this area more effective and products from microorganisms (e.g. enzymes in detergents) and Bacteria themselves (e.g. in sewage treatment plants) have also been finding their way into industrial products for some time.

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Our vision

With the help of our natural products we help people and animals to stay healthy. Scientific studies and our many years of experience provide evidence that our probiotics protect against many infections. Our plans pursue the ambitious goal of revolutionizing hygiene in humans and animals!


Our values

The implementation of our future activities
is based on the following core values:

teamwork | reliability | purposefulness | cooperation
| courage to be different | efficacy | balance | ethics
| sustainability | biological | loyalty | social
responsibility | fair play

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Probiotics - for better well-being and health of humans and animals

Our products made from natural ingredients are a unique combination of good bacteria (probiotics) and good sugars (prebiotics). This technology ensures a healthy, stable microbiome on all surfaces used and also ensures a higher diversity of positive microorganisms.

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"After the first week, I really had super good hooves in all three horses and I am very, very convinced that this product contributes preventively and supports natural healing! LOVE IT!” 

- Camilla


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