Things to know about the microbiome

What actually is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the community and coexistence of microorganisms.

These communities very often fulfill important tasks. Almost half of a person's body weight consists of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. All of these microorganisms help keep us healthy, keep our metabolism working, and even affect our performance. It was recently discovered that a certain bacterium metabolizes lactate and can thus give us a performance boost in sport (source: Spectrum of Health, July 2021).
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Bacterial cleansing is old hat

For billions of years, bacteria have ensured a clean and healthy planet, living in coexistence with all living things. What's more, without bacteria, life on earth would not be possible.

Microbiomes in the environment keep our water clean, for example. Marine biologists have researched that even crude oil that has reached the sea floor is metabolized by bacteria.

Our drinking water that has been treated in sewage treatment plants is only really clean if it has been cleaned with certain strains of bacteria.

How does a good microbiome protect us?

A healthy microbiome will always strive for a healthy balance. This means - it is avoided as far as possible that one genre gains the upper hand.

The microbiome on the skin thus protects us from the proliferation of bacteria that could harm us. In the 70s there were still soaps with a very high pH value that severely damaged the microbiome on the skin. Excessive hygiene caused extreme skin damage with serious consequences. When research discovered the cause, there were only soaps with a medium pH value.

Microbiomes also form on surfaces in the home, in the office, etc., which in the best-case scenario prevent the excessive spread of harmful microorganisms.

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The background of our actions

Microbiology is a relatively young science and its findings and research results are still in their infancy. High-performance microscopes and gene sequencing machines have made this area more effective and products from microorganisms (e.g. enzymes in detergents) and Bacteria themselves (e.g. in sewage treatment plants) have also been finding their way into industrial products for some time.

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